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Vinca plant perennial

Catharanthus roseus is also commonly known as a Vinca and even occasionally as a Periwinkle.
Soiree Kawaii Lavender Vinca Catharanthus Soiree Kawaii Lavender Soiree Kawaii Lavender vinca produces masses of small, lavender-pink flowers all summer long.
This vigorous bloomer forms drifts of snowy blooms all summer long.Minor 'Alba' has 1" white flowers and lightly variegated foliage.For the best results however, compost or other organic material should be mixed into the soil at planting time.Like other varieties, it holds up to heat and drought like a champ.It is especially a common noxious weed 'smothering' native plants and diversity in riparian area and oak woodland habitats of coastal California.Valiant Orchid Vinca Catharanthus 'Valiant Orchid' A top performer in our Trial bando voucher digitalizzazione 2018 Gardens, Valiant orchid vinca bears beautiful lavender-blue flowers on vigorous, 20-inch-tall plants that grow 15 inches wide.Water: Dry to medium, maintenance: Medium, suggested Use: Ground Cover, Naturalize.Description edit, vinca major is a trailing vine, spreading along the ground and rooting along the stems to form dense masses of groundcover individually 25 m across and scrambling up to 5070 cm high.
The pinwheel-shaped blooms are a rich shade of burgundy pink.
Geranium, Annual, geranium and Annual Vinca look terrific together.Its a trailing, disease-resistant variety that can spread 2 to 3 feet in diameter.In fact, annual vinca is native to Madagascar and is prized for its nonstop flower show from early summer till fall.Take care not to overwater this plant; it's easily susceptible to root rot.It grows 8 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

Don't pot vinca in regular garden soil because it doesn't drain well and can cause rot issues.
A standout in the vinca world, Soiree Double White features twice the usual number of petals, giving it a frilly, full look.
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